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How much does it cost?

i-TRAK Travel Pack inc 1 year subscription £9.9914,99€US$19.99
Platinum Account Upgrade for 1 year £5.007,50€US$9.99
Platinum Account Upgrade for 3 year £10.0014,99€ US$19.99

One year renewal costs £2.99 (4,50€/US$5.99) for the first two items and £0.50 (0,75€/US$1.00) for each additional item.

Significant discounts available for multi-year renewals.

Replacement Tags cost £0.50 (0,75€/US$1.00) per tag (or set of asset labels) being replaced. The replacement tags dispatched will have a different ID code to the original tags in your account. The new ID codes on your replacement tags will be added into your account and the remaining subscription period of the old tag will be transferred to the new tag. The old tag ID code will be deleted from your account.

Classic and Platinum i-TRAK

Online and mail in registration
Personal online account to manage service
Add your own online travel itinerary
Finders service via: 24 hour call centre, email, web, airline communication link
Finders notification service via SMS (text message)
Finders information sent to you via email
Global call service from i-TRAK to advise you of finder's information  
Nominate an additional contact to receive finder's notification via SMS (text message)  
Nominate an additional contact to receive finder's notification via e-mail